From folding cartons to labeling, all of our products are globally and sustainably sourced as innovative and cost effecting marketing and branding solutions.

As a leading provider of planet-conscious paper products, we’re committed to keeping the environment healthy and our customers growing.

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Scout Sourcing continually utilizes a diverse array of essential paper and packaging products that meet everyday needs without sacrificing the environment or our customer’s bottom line.

We believe that integrity is the essence of success, and the foundation for our relationships with customers, our supply partners, and with the greater community.

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Paper and Packaging Products

Diversity for your business


Scout Sourcing is proud to elevate women in the paper industry as a woman-owned and run paper and packaging distributor since 2006, by helping the corporate world to better reflect the diversity of the markets and communities it serves.

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With an eye towards innovation, the paper and packaging products Scout Sourcing curates apply the latest in green technology to everyday necessities in retail, administrative, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food & drink industries.

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Our Services

Here at Scout Sourcing, we put our customers first. Our unmatched attention to detail and the speed at which our customers’ concerns are met is shown through the reputation we have earned for superior service amongst some of the nation’s most prominent Fortune 500 companies.

Sustainable Paper and Packaging Material

Scout Sourcing is a leading provider of eco-friendly raw materials and natural fiber substrates that enhance your marketing and branding efforts, while keeping the planet healthy. From folding cartons to labels or bags, we source it sustainably.

Innovative Sourcing

In this competitive marketplace, Scout Sourcing stands out as an industry leader. With our global sustainable sourcing initiatives, we search globally for innovative, new, cost effective sourcing options, helping diversify your supply chain.


Scout Sourcing works with mills, converters, and end users to improve service to their customers, provide just-in-time delivery, and manage day-to-day logistic needs. With our expertise in creating innovative logistics and supply chain solutions, we give our clients a partnership they can trust. From the source of manufacture to your converting operations, Scout Sourcing has smart logistics in motion, providing possibility in every direction.

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